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selling The Prophets

selling The Prophets

I’m Damian Counsell. I run two businesses. counsell.com does bioinformatics and Web development. This Website is about counsell media. This includes my singing, music, multimedia, and training work.

As with my geekier work, I try to use open source software whenever possible, including WordPress of course, which is the content management system running this site. As well as the paid-for proprietary DAW, I use the free audio editor Audacity and the similarly multi-platform video editing package Shotcut.


Currently I sing with The Disco Prophets, a seven-piece East Midlands-based disco and funk band).

As well as blogging about this live performance work, I’ll also be posting YouTube video tutorials, mostly about singing.

Music hard- and software

You’ll be able to read gear reviews, recommendations, and tips about here.


I produce multimedia for the Web. I’ll be sharing select examples of that here too.

[Cover photo of The Disco Prophets at The Pitcher & Piano Nottingham by Christopher Frost Photography.]