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selling The Prophets

selling The Prophets

I’m Damian Counsell. I run two businesses. counsell.com does bioinformatics and Web development. counsell media helps multimedia creators and other clients online and elsewhere with audiovisual content, consulting, music, and training. This site focuses on the music side of things.

As with my geekier work, I try to use open source software whenever possible, including WordPress of course, which is the content management system running this site. As well as the paid-for proprietary DAW, I use the free audio editor Audacity and the similarly multi-platform video editing package Shotcut.


Currently I sing with The Disco Prophets, a seven-piece East Midlands-based disco and funk band).

As well as blogging about this live performance work, I’ll also be posting YouTube video tutorials, mostly about singing.

Music hard- and software

You’ll be able to read gear reviews, recommendations, and tips about here.


I produce multimedia for the Web. I’ll be sharing select examples of that here too.

[Cover photo of The Disco Prophets at The Pitcher & Piano Nottingham by Christopher Frost Photography.]