Sound On Sound magazine now available as full-edition PDF

Sound On Sound December 2017

Sound On Sound Dec ’17

Sound On Sound is an excellent magazine about recording (and performing) music. I’m only no longer a subscriber because I can’t afford most of the products it reviews (and wouldn’t buy them if I could). However SOS‘s articles about technique and interviews with master musical craftspeople are usually superb. For me, though, they aren’t enough alone to justify a sub.

I still get bacn from Sound On Sound though. The latest piece I received included a link to a full PDF download of a sample edition of magazine from December 2017.


Here’s what the publishers say:

Damian, check out our latest way to read Sound On Sound each month. Every Full Issue PDF contains the entire editorial and advertising content, laid out just like the printed magazine!

  • Convenient offline reading after you download the file.
  • Full Pinch and Zoom functionality on every page.
  • Add your own Bookmarks.
  • Search the full issue text and adverts fast!
  • Print pages.
  • Available to buy, or FREE with all Digital subscriptions.

I was disappointed that the contents headings aren’t hot links to the articles they refer to; but the PDF was, in general, of reasonable quality. Check it out yourself. The “Mix Review” section is particularly good.